mardi 4 mars 2014

10 Tips for Communicating with an Apple fan

You may have an Apple fan (devotee?) within your group of friends. Conversations can sometimes be delicate. Here are 10 things you need to know to avoid confrontation and misunderstanding. 
1. Apple fans automatically believe that you are just as devoted to your own mobile phone brand as they are to theirs. If you have a Samsung, an Apple fan assumes that you will also passionately defend your brand. It is unthinkable for an Apple fan to believe that one is purchasing a mobile phone just for the phone itself. Instead, they believe you want to convey a message, make a statement, and assert a point of view.

2. When it comes to price, Apple fans are very sensitive. They believe that $800 is an acceptable amount to pay for a smartphone and that a "budget" version is $500. They only hang out in Apple stores. They are not even aware that you can buy a smartphone for less than $200.

3. Apple fans are adamant that their phone is completely flawless. They are unable to criticize their product when it malfunctions. They worship the brand so much that they feel guilty when it crashes and assumes it was their fault.

4. An Apple fan thinks it is normal to purchase a new smartphone and tablet every year. Even an ecologically minded Apple fan does not see anything wrong with this.

5. Apple fans do not want to know how Apple devices are made. Do not mention work conditions in Apple factories. They believe iPhones and iPads are created by a grey haired wizard wearing a black turtleneck.

6. Apple fans think it is acceptable to download patch to fix a daylight savings bug. They won’t think twice about paying $800 for a device that needs to be repaired to tell time correctly.

7. Apple fans rarely make phone calls and when they do they use an app. They are so cost-conscious, they install an app on an $800 phone to make a phone call. That way they cleverly avoid a huge phone bill!

8. Apple fans believe that Steve Jobs has attained the ranks of Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela. Don't challenge the greatness of Apple’s founder; it can quickly snowball into an argument.

9. Apple fans believe that PC's are not compatible with each other.

10. Each of the 300 millions iPhone users think they "Think Different".