mercredi 5 février 2014

And... "Here's my Facebook movie"

In 2007, I opened a Facebook account because everyone started telling me: "What?! You don't KNOW Facebook? You'd better sign in!"
In 2008, I went to a dinner with my old high school friends -which we organized after we found each other on Facebook. We promised we would keep in touch. I’ve received no news from them since.
In 2009, I posted something on Facebook without realizing everyone could see it. I almost lost my job because of it.
In 2010, my mother opened her own Facebook account! As a result, I began to put less stuff on Facebook.
In 2011, I had to move so I asked my friends on Facebook to help me. Finally, I had to call a moving company which I found on a personalised ad on Facebook.
In 2012, I announced to my Facebook friends that I was about to leave Facebook. They didn't take it seriously so I stayed on.
In 2013, all the stuff I put on Facebook was actually published through Twitter or Instagram.
In 2014, Facebook made a movie with my information as a “friendly reminder” that ALL the information I’ve provided so far has been kept in their files and if I were to leave…. Oh, well…Facebook could publish everything.