vendredi 11 mars 2011

"Tsunami in France"

Suite à notre invitation, un "auteur américain" nous envoie sa vision de l'actualité:
Conversation over heard yesterday in a coffee shop on Main Street, U.S.A.:
"Have you seen what's happening in France? That’s scary man!"
"France? You mean with the Arabs? The revolution is spreading out and Obama seems to be pissed at this Kadhafi dude. He is evil, man! Even worse than Saddam! I have read that these guys have set some kind of new world record beating Iraq."
"No, that's the French, man!"
"No kidding. Well, at least it means that they finally got rid of their communist regime?"
"All I know is that my travel agent told me that I should avoid going to France this summer. They are in the middle of a French fries revolution or something."
”I will never understand these guys. They always whine about something and everything has to do with food.”
“Ahahahah! Next thing you know someone will start a Belgian waffle revolution"
(MG - Auteur invité)