mardi 24 août 2010

How to quit smoking in 13 lines

In 2010, thanks to the phenomena of social networking, we share a part of our privacy with our friends and relatives . The rapid exchange of information may also expose us to unknown people; there are risks. But there are also opportunities. Tonight, I quit smoking. Like thousands of men and women who have made the same decision, I’ll know hard times from tomorrow. The weaning period is difficult. Stress, habit and the hundreds of toxic, addictive chemicals found in cigarettes: everything is designed to make you smoke again. But by announcing my decision to the world, the social pressure is potentially enormous. The support also. I invite you to circulate this text as much as possible, by all the means that the web offers today, to show my commitment to millions of people. This is an English version of a French text already circulating. My name is Hugo P. and what Allen Carr, the world leader in smoking cessation, has done in 250 pages, I can do in 13 lines. Yes I can!

(Note: This « 13 lines »-method does not work for cocaine addiction).